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Employee wellness
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Our mission is founded upon being a force for good in our world and we carry this sentiment inside of our organisation. Some of the actions we have in place include:

  • Remote working: We are a remote-first business and support our employees (with the exemption of warehouse employees) by choosing to work wherever they’re most comfortable.

  • Flexibility: Our office-based employees have the flexibility to work around their lives. Whether it’s a dental appointment, a family emergency or a mental health day, employees have the freedom, within reason, to work when suits them best.

  • Share options: All long term employees will receive share options so that they have the opportunity to own part of the business they are helping to build.

  • Fair pay: All employees, office and warehouse based, receive at least the London living wage for the work that they do.

  • Equal opportunity employer:

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive employer and welcome LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, neurodivergent people, parents and individuals with impairments to apply to work with us. We recognise the value of having diverse teams and are committed to fostering a work environment that supports and empowers all voices.

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